Visit the Island of Regeneration-- and
Take a mini-journey through your Temple of Healing. Your solar angel will meet you and bring healing to you in each room of the temple.

Learn how to heal yourself with the book,Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers by LaUna Huffines.This book offers a complete system of healing with your Solar Angel and the Angelic healers.Published in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, and Dutch.

Enter the Room of Light and the rooms of love, color, sound, the room of wisdom and the room of images where you create your healing hologram.

Learn receptivity to the wisdom of your Inner Healer to bring greater light into your cells.

Become sensitive to the images of your soul for your perfect health and profound happiness in life.
Our audio journeys/meditations are now available for online purchase for download or CDs
  See the new Temple of Healing Light video.
Become aware of the knowledge and love of your higher self, as real as your physical self.

Eight videos by LaUna

Permanent Healing = A video

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