Healing with Light Guided Meditations (CDs)

Volume I: Your Temple of Angelic Healing

By LaUna Huffines

How These Meditations Heal

HL1 and HL2 ~

Each volume has 3 CDs


Healing With Light I

Healing Yourself with Light Tapes, Volume I
While supplies last, HL I on tape. Stimulates extraordinary healing and regenerating energies, using words, Thaddeus music, and binaural sound waves.      $19.95
Healing Yourself with Light CDs, Volume I
Stimulates extraordinary healing and regenerating energies, using words, Thaddeus music, and binaural sound waves. (Eight guided meditations of 22 minutes each on 3 CDs.)      $59.95
Healing Yourself with Light CDs, Volumes I and 2
Stimulates extraordinary healing and regenerating energies, using words, music, and binaural sound waves. Two Volumes of three CDs each with 16 guided meditations that strengthen the meditations in the book by the same name. You save $20 by ordering both now.      $99.90
These guided journeys add to the book, Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers, H.J.Kramer Pub. The healing Angels work with you as you listen. They are in each of the seven rooms of the Healing Temple. Select an area of systsem to heal. As you travel through the temple these angelic healers work with you.
Decide to meet these angels and open to new experiences of healing! Regardless of how you think about these healers--as a metaphor, as your higher mind, soul, or as outside healing agents, you can use these journeys to receive a powerful healing energy once your will to be healed is hgh.

Session 1 -- Your Temple of Healing: Listen when you want to choose what to heal and begin a new journey to the Island of Regeneration. For deep relaxation and refreshment as you open to the healing energies here.

Session 2 -- Connecting With Your Solar Angel: -- Listen to create a stronger connection with your Solar Angel to experience its presence and healing. A very expansive experience.

Session 3 -- Healing With Your Golden Triangle: The key healing process in this system is your Golden Triangle. Listen to strengthen your triangle of light so that the healing angels can reach you easily. You can use this process alone for healing, regenerating or revitalizing yourself.

Session 4 -- Healing With the Angels of Divine Love: For healing emotional stress and for healing physical challenges, utilize the Angels of Divine Love. The angels of divine love bring serenity, an inner peace, optimism, and a stronger will to heal yourself. If you feel discouraged, anxious, or depressed for any reason, use this journey to rise out of these denser frequencies that are temporarily distracting you.

Session 5 -- Healing With Angelic Colors: Listen to build angelic healers around you who use colors to heal. Open to absorb these pure translucent colors into your energy field. Listen when you want to increase your soul's luminous colors within your systems.

Session 6 -- Healing With Angelic Sounds: Listen to strengthen the note of your soul sounding throughout your body and your cells. The angelic healers use frequencies of sound for healing whatever you are working on.

Session 7 -- Learning From Your Inner Healer: Listen whenever you are ready to discover your next step in healing yourself or when you want to find the right doctor, therapy, or life style for your most rapid healing. Focus on your brow (ajna) center as you take the role of your inner healer.

Session 8 -- Creating Your Healing Hologram: For practice in recognizing the images that your soul holds for you, to build a detailed image of your body strong, healthy, vitalized and of yourself fulfilling your highest destiny with a sense of adventure and delight. Experience the energy that your healing hologram brings back to you as you embrace this "healthy and revitalized future self" in a spirit of love and gratitude.

Healing With Light Volume 2: Healing Your Systems and Cells

Suggestions for Using Angelic Healing


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