You Selected Gold

Today you are drawn to the healing angels of gold who use some of the highest healing frequencies. Think of these angels regenerating your mind, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. They are among the most advanced healing agents.

Glowing Golden

The color gold will bring in the angels who help clear your mind and thoughts. They stimulate youir receptivity to higher impressions and bring illumination to your ability to plan and organize your life. These energies (in all shades of gold) can improve your eyesight as well. Imagine this color over your eyes and gently touch your eyes with your fingertips to regenerate your vision. You can also use this color to regenerate your hearing by imagining the golden angelic rays filling your ear canals. Then gently massage your ears.

You may also experience a profound shift through visualizing gold flowing into the top of their head, into their ajna center, into their sinuses, and into their eyes. Or you can use a sheer fabric of gold over your face and lie under the sun or a full spectrum light for a few minutes each week. This, too, is very effective so long as you keep focusing on being receptive to the healing and regenerating work of these Angelic healers.

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