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To the Courtyard of the Temple of Healing

Before you go any further, stop and think of what you want to work on as you heal and evolve your body. This way you can start your healing immediately. Do you want to heal an illness, an infection, or an injury? Do you want to heal a chronic problem, such as your digestion? You can work with any problem as you begin your healing.

You can choose more than one problem to work on as you meet with the angelic healers. If you are facing a serious physical problem, you might choose a small problem to work on at the same time. In each guided journey, work with the small problem first and then the big one. This way you can become more confident as the smaller, practice problem improves and you open to receive healing with the bigger problem.

If you are not sure which problem to choose, stop and tune into your body. Mentally travel through your body, beginning with your head and face and moving down to your feet. Notice which areas feel out of balance, less alive, or weaker than the rest. Check your eyesight, your hearing, your skin, your heart, and your mental sharpness. You may choose to upgrade a system in your body, such as your respiratory, circulatory, nervous, or immune system. You may want to improve your vision, hearing, or memory. You can ask for assistance in developing greater vitality and energy or in raising the light in your cells. Or you can work on rejuvenating your whole body and all of its systems.

Anything you choose is appropriate to work with, from the smallest problem to a life-threatening illness. It is possible that an unexpected healing will come first, even though you are not focused on it, but by focusing on a specific change in your body, you can begin right now to work with the healing angels. Rather than reading about how it can be done, you will be doing it as you read. Your ability to work with your Solar angel and soul and the healing angels can become so natural that gradually you won't need any healing. You can remember how to heal yourself the moment you sense an illness hovering on the horizon of your life and catch a potential problem before it develops into anything serious.

Stop here and make a list in your healing journal of everything that you would like to heal or upgrade. For about three minutes, write as rapidly as you can without censoring anything that comes to mind. Even though you think you know what you should do about a problem, if you havenít been able to make yourself do it, include this problem on your list.

Next, go over your list and review it, adding to it, combining items, or changing the list as you refine it. Look for the basic or root symptom that might heal some of the others on your list if it were healed first. Give each symptom on your list a priority number. You may get completely new insights about healing that symptom as you go into each room of the temple in future chapters. Releasing cravings and addictions, for example, might heal other physical symptoms on your list. Healing a sugar addiction might precede healing a thyroid problem. Getting angelic aid to help clear up candida might precede working on chronic headaches. The combinations of all your symptoms will give you the clues to know which one to choose first.

On a fresh page in your journal, make another list with the problems in order of priority. Beside each symptom on your list that calls for a diagnosis or medical help, include finding the right healer or physician, the right level of medical intervention, and the right kind of therapy that will be most effective and the least invasive to your body. Healing angels frequently work through a doctor or other evolved soul to help you.

You are now ready to begin. Select one or two areas of healing and upgrading, and keep these in mind as you read about the angelic healers and their true work and then learn to create a meter to find your higher will to be perfectly healthy.

From Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers: Excerpt from Ch. 1

To the Courtyard of the Temple of Healing

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