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Healing transformation -


“It has been two years since I began to Heal with Light. I am now more than one hundred pounds lighter in my physical body and much brighter in my mind.  I have purified my body and mind to receive impressions from my soul.  I now lead meditations in my home and people pour in to learn what I have learned — to make a connection with their own soul and to heal themselves with light.

When I first began this course I was ready to die.  My fifty-sixth birthday was approaching and I weighed close to 300 pounds.  My physical body was ready to explode.  Diets did not work. I had seriously worked with all of them.  The exercises we learned in this course speeded up my healing, clearing out debris that had been stuck in my physical body. I lived these teachings for healing with light.  I kept the healing tapes handy to listen at work, in my car, on the stairmaster and treadmill in the gym.  Sometimes I listened all night. I still listen every day.

I am not the old me anymore.  I am truly living in the light, taking showers of light many times a day, using all the methods in this system.  People tell me I glow with light, but they have no idea why.I even played these tapes and CDs during the night as I slept. I felt better than ever before and the weight fell away. I also quietly held healing light and colors over my staff each morning and their sick days were cut down 66% for the year."

"I just wanted to give you an update on my "situation".  Almost immediately after the healing prayers started, I noticed that my attitude improved and I was better able to focus positively and on the Light - so necessary to getting healthy and coming out of crisis mode.  Now, a couple of weeks later, I've been led to the right doctor and my MCS reactions are less severe with the right treatment.  I'm still needing to move to a dry climate and create a new income stream, but because I'm reacting less, I have more time.  I'm much calmer emotionally and feel much more supported by Spirit - I even feel a bit of my old self back.  Thank you for all your healing prayers and the help and support of the healing community.  Continued support would be appreciated to help me recover my singing voice and my previous profession as a professional singer and voice healer/therapist, heal my acid reflux (hopefully without surgery), and continue to heal the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity so that I can more easily be in the world and support myself financially doing the work I love. 
Thanks again for all the light that you both bring to the world and for all your service.  Please give the healing community an update and thank them for all their help and support."
In love, light, and sound,


  The above report is from a member of our Healing Community, a group formed at a special Healing Seminar and joined later by those who meditate with Healing with Light Volumes I and II and Healing for Self Discovery. To order: .(Healing for Self Discovery - 4 CDs and Booklet ).




A mother wrote that her 12 year old son had been seriously injured in a bicycle accident and was in the hospital. The doctors held little hope that he would ever talk or walk again. They felt his brain was too damaged. Meanwhile, her entire family was listening to the Healing With Light guided meditations every day -- her husband, both children and herself. I asked her to do only one additional thing -- to create a positive healing vision to share with the family and all her friends, and to put this message on her telephone message machine so that when friends called, they could all hold the same positive vision for her son.

Phone calls came through every few minutes. Friends of friends started calling each morning to get that day’s vision for this child. Her update report on her son and the visions to hold for him were different each day and always positive. The phone rang constantly and she added another phone line. Within a few months her son began to talk and walk again. He returned to school the next year, kept improving, and by fall of that year, he went out for the football team. The doctors are incredulous. They simply cannot imagine how this boy made such a rapid and complete recovery.



Cancer - "My treatment for cancer is over! My doctor said there are no visible signs of a tumor anywhere within my body. The other oncologist called the rapidity of my healing (which included chemotherapy and radiation treatments) absolutely phenomenal. Both doctors are very optimistic after seeing my exceptionally good response to treatment. I want to thank all of you for your light and healing love. It helped so much, especially in those moments when I was very ill from the treatment or discouraged. Your good energy carried me into a calmer, gentler space where more healing awaited—and more forgiveness. It makes such a huge difference to know you are wanted, to know you are cared about, to know that it matters to someone whether you live or not. ...It helps so much to be surrounded in light."


Healing breast cancer - Sometimes it may pay to be strong-willed. A woman went to the doctor and when he realized that she had a large advanced malignant breast tumor, he insised that she not leave his office until she had scheduled breast surgery. She refused, went home, ordered the healing tapes and listened continuously until the tumor shrank to nothing. This had happened three years previously, when she casually mentioned this experience on the phone. In our office we always insist that healing with light is a supplementary healing tool and that everyone should work with their healing professional. I never would have recommended her actions, yet she was a woman with an iron will and a strong belief that she could shrink this tumor down to nothing with a little help from the angelic healers. And this is exactly what she did.


Radiation treatments can be pleasant - This man got his mother the healing book as she was very sick from radiation treatments. While she read, he visualized the angels of healing with her. Her nausea stopped immediately and she regained her appetite for food and for life, and continued feeling very good.


Chronic fatigue  -"Seven years ago I had chronic fatigue that kept getting worse until I lost control of my body. My brother brought me the Healing With Light tapes and I began listening every day. Now I have perfect health, the will power to eat right, and happiness. I love anticipating the future. I still listen to these tapes when something starts to go wrong, and I love sharing my knowledge about healing oneself, with friends."

New life - "I want to tell you how Healing Yourself with Light has changed my life! I started with healing yourself with light in 1996. I had chronic fatigue, Candida throughout my whole body and because I was so serious with my Candida diet I developed the eating disorder bulimia . A lot has changed since then. Half a year after I started working with Healing Yourself With Light, not only has my eating disorder disappeared (at this point I only eat for my physical body and hardly any more emotionally). I have much more energy (I am taking arobics classes again) and I have never been more centered and grounded in my life before. And in the first place if you would think of working with Angels, you wouldn't think that they would ground you more. I feel very confident and emotionally strong!"




"My connection with people has really changed. People have always loved me but because I was not very good in expressing my feelings and because I was not centered at all, being with people always made me very confused and tired. Now I am sometimes amazed how assertive I am, if I feel that I do something against my inner truth or if I disagree with something I just say it and that makes me so unbelievably strong! I am hardly confused or tired anymore when I am with people. I feel  with almost everyone I meet a deep soul connection and I say things that helps them with their lives. I really feel that beautiful light and I want to reach as many people as possible!

"I finally can concentrate on other things in my life.
I would love to become a Healing Yourself with Light Teacher so that I can teach people to receive the beautiful gifts the Angels have given me and to make a strong connection with their Soul!  I feel that Healing Yourself with Light has been the most important work I have done and I feel really thankful that those Angels are working with me.


"I am really excited about my future as my life, my physical body, my emotions, thoughts, relations etc. become more infused with light. There is an inner trust that whatever will happen will all be all right and there is an inner knowing that I will accomplish my life purpose. I have a feeling that I can do Anything! There is nothing that I can't do with the love and strength of my Soul, Solar Angel and the Angels. Last year I had a reading with an clairvoyant person and she saw a group of Angels with beautiful colours around me and that they give me the right frequency all the time. She also said that the most important healing work that I had done, was the work that I had done with my Soul and the Angels."


Relationships healed - "I really love this book, Healing Yourself with Light, which I am still reading. I picked up a copy just prior to going in for surgery at the end of what has been a difficult year. I am now fully recovered, but more importantly that the physical, I am much more able to understand and deal with people and situations that arise. Everyone comments that I have changed, alhough most cannot put their finger on what it is. I am the principal of a small school and a single parent of an 8 year old boy. I hope that I can pass on my understanding to others. I found your book inspiring, incredibly well written and so full of wisdom and knowledge that I wondered where your inspiration and knowledge came from. Although I have read many books over the last 10 years in this similar field, I am hungry to learn more and grow accordingly. Thank you for passing on your wisdom to me, and I'm sure many others." (From Turks & Caicos Islands)

Unexpected Healing - "One day about halfway through the book I decided to practice seeing and feeling the Golden Triangle (as described in the book). During one practice, when my sole aim was to just experience the Triangle more clearly, I suddenly saw in my mind's eye an angel about three inches high and brilliant white, made of light. It was working on my spine at the base of my neck and was pulling fibers of shining white light down my spine and out from the centers of my spine between each vertebrae, straightening these fibers of light and untangling them. As the angel worked its way down to a place where it has felt for years as if two vertebrae were always grinding together and where I've experienced considerable discomfort, it seemed as if the angel was pushing on the disk between the bones and then straightening more of the fibers of light. It then worked its way down my spine the rest of the way, and then was gone. I was stunned because I hadn't even been thinking about my spine while I was practicing, but even better, I've had no pain or discomfort since that day. It's simply gone!"

A note from LaUna - Using this system of angelic healing empowers your own inner healer to succeed more easily. After ordering and listening to our guided meditations on CDs Healing with Light Volume I and 2, you are invited to check out other healing volumes
on CDs. These are created to strengthen your connection with the soul and Angelic Healers outlined in the book Healing Yourself With Light.)
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