The Room of Inner Stillness -- Ray Three Intelligent Activity

The five-pointed star is the symbol of an ideal man or woman. Each point symbolizes earned qualities of light. Concentrate on this star to create an inner stillness that creates a landing space for the Angels. Inner stillness is a state of awareness that enables you to align your mind, emotions, and body with the soul and/or the Solar Angel.

1. Identify where you need healing, or imagine being regenerated in your body, mind, and spirit. Then take seven deep, slow breaths, pausing at the top of your breath, and focus on the star in the center of this image. Let the light within the star represesnt your true Self, your Solar Angel, or your soul. The center of your star brings deep inner peace, free from conflicts in the material world. Set aside all concerns, relax completely, and sigh deeply as you let go. Focus only on the star in the center. As you make this higher contact, light streams in and a subtle sense of delight may open up.

2. Visualize the light in the center of the star opening your Path of Healing. Realize that your heart is distributing life energy to every organ, cell and tissue in your body. Ask who is keeping your heart pumping? Who is observing your need for more blood, more oxygen, more energy and responding to these needs from moment to moment? Imagine the wisdom and love of such a Being. Recognize that this Being is within you, not out there somewhere. It will always be with you. It also is connected with all the sacred Star Beings or human souls..

3. Let the lines outside the circle represent the threads of light in your etheric body carrying the light of life to your physical body.

4. Your soul is shining with a certain color and intensity. Imagine seven basic colors emanating from the universe. If your soul is on the first ray, it will shine with red. If it is on the second ray, it will shine with indigo blue, Ray III souls shine with beautiful hues of green, Ray IV souls with yellow, Ray V souls with a golden orange; Ray VI souls can be seen shining with a deep rose or a light blue, and Ray VII souls shine with violet, from pale lilac to deep violet.

5. Inhale and pause as you give permission for this Inner Stillness to permeate your entire nervous system until you reach the depth of serenity of your soul or Star-Self.

6. Note everything that comes to mind and record it on a fresh sheet of paper. If nothing seems to come forth, begin again and take 14 slow deep breaths this time as you begin. It may take a few minutes to slow your brain waves down and make the space for intuitive insights to reach your brain. Ideas often surface in pieces or small segments. First a single word may come to mind. Or a symbol, or a color, or a specific feeling. Often, it is after you string all of these together that they will make sense.

7. If you will take time to write a few notes on the ideas that come to you in this meditation and date these notes, you can use these to identify your best healing patterns.

To the Room of Light


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