Room of Colors
Ray Four Harmony through Conflict

Let your eyes rest on the color that is most attractive to you.
This will be your most powerful healing color today.

In the temple room of colors, the healing angels use different colors to clear your body and mind and regenerate your energy. Colors can create harmony within yourself and your body where there was friction and conflict. These colors may be rich and vivid and intense or they may be mixed with silver with a very soft tint.

Gaze for a few moments at the color that stands out for you. Decide to create a peaceful sense of serenity with color. The Healing Angels will use varying hues of yellow and gold for your mind and nervous system. Pretend you are traveling on each color from the edge of the circle to its center.

You can also let each color represent the director of a different system in your body, such as the nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and endocrine system.

Each one of us has a Solar Angel who protects and guides us into perfect Harmony, perfect Love, Light, Wisdom, and Compassion. The Solar Angel aids you to harmonize with all the colors (each representing a different note) within the human aura.

When you create the Triangle with your Soul and Solar Angel and yourself, you are aligned with two very powerful points of rejuvenating light. This light streams into your energy field and finally into each of the ductless glands where the directors of each system are replenished and evolved.

Now gaze at this mandala with soft eyes (half-closed) and inhale every color into your mind and heart.

Or focus on each color one at a time. Different sensations may appear and the deeper healing effect will be visible now or later.

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