The Room of Images
Ray Seven Ceremony and Ritual

Develop the sensitivity to recognize the images of perfect health that your soul is broadcasting.
The color of this healing room is a synthesis of all colors. It often appears violet. This is the room to bring spirit into matter, to evoke response from the gold and white Solar Angels.

Before your soul incarnates into the physical plane, it constructs radiant three-dimensional holograms of its purpose and goals, its hoped for expansions into greater light and love and power. These holograms are like living fountains of light and color built into the very atoms of your mind and brain. These images are holographic, meaning the entire image resides in the core of every cell of your being. They can filter into your consciousness as pictures, words, and other symbols.

Sit quietly in this room and give permission to sense the images that your soul is broadcasting.

Make an inner decision to establish a regular rhythm of connecting with your soul and the Angels of Healing in each room of the Temple.

You can use the healing temple to aid others. Almost 1000 triangles of light from 46 countries are adding healing light to the world on our website alone. See Triangles of Light. ( and create or join a Triangle. Add light to this worldwide network creating Triangles of Light, Love and Power. Help distribute healing light and love to all humanity. Each time you light up your triangle online and distribute light and love and power to humanity, the sphere of light over humanity grows brighter. The Great Invocation or other world prayer is being used in 70 languages to send help to our world. Everyone who believes in the power of thought and will light up their triangle are invited to join. ( is one unit of this worldwide network.)

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