The Room of Wisdom - Your Inner Healer
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Focus on this rose colored swirling image to realize the layers of wisdom and love of your Inner Healer.

This healer can tell you exactly what your part is in being receptive to and maintaining the work of the soul and Angels of Healing.

Who is your Inner Healer?

This compassionate and understanding mentor / guide may seem to be from another land, and at the same time to be like meeting with another wiser part of yourself. The Inner Healer is on a finer dimension of light and may appear as a Wise Old Man or a Wise Old Woman when you make this connection in the Room of Wisdom. It is best to go through the Room of Inner Stillness and the Room of Love before attempting to meet your Inner Healer.

The Inner Healer resides in the super-conscious mind and knows the role that you, as the personality, must play in creating the Wholeness that healing is all about. Give your Inner Healer permission to show you everything that will be helpful in the quest to build solar light into your mind, emotions, and body. The Inner Healer will tell you everything that it has permission to reveal. This Wise Inner Healer has a gentleness that warms the heart, and sweeps out anxiety and worry, often with a subtle sense of humor and wit.

Everything is up to you. Give permission to learn all about what you can do to regenerate your systems and cells. Ask where to begin, what to do, how to find the best professional help. The advice of your Inner Healer is inevitably given with compassion and understanding, free of judgment. Your Inner Healer is like an old, beloved friend.

A guided meditation to connect with your Inner Healer is found in the book Healing Yourself With Light by LaUna Huffines and published by HJ Kramer.

Check here for information on the Healing Yourself With Light Volume I tapes. (An excerpt on the Inner Healer would be too short to get the step-by-step instructions in this guided journey.) This connection to your Inner Healer is extremely useful when healing needs accelerating.

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