Temple Room of Light -- Ray I Will and Power

Focus on this color and image to open to the Solar Light of the higher dimensions where healing happens.

To the Room of Love

This room is more effective after you take a shower with all the colors in the courtyard of your Healing Temple and align your personality and soul in the Room of Light.

Next, take three deep breaths to infuse yourself with the light of this room created by your Solar Angel and the Angels of Healing. Let this healing light stream through your mind and body. Simultaneously draw on the power of the Will to be healed on every level of your being. Healing yourself includes adding light to every cell and tissue of your mind, emotions, and body.

Ask to see the level of your Will to be fully healed and regenerated, to enjoy a long life. The systems of your body are extremely responsive to your deepest wishes. There are always some apparent advantages to an illness -- such as a chance to rest, a chance to be alone, or attention from friends and family, receiving sympathy, being able to escape what would have to be done if you were well.

You might recognize an inner conflict between wanting to escape some responsibilities on the physical level and wanting to heal and synchronize your life with divine light and divine love so that you can be creative and achieve your dreams.

Look in the Room of Inner Stillness at any advantages that might be present while you are ill. Check on any unconscious desire to "give up," to resist doing what you know will add to your health and happiness, or to unthinkingly follow in the unhealthy habits of one of your parents.

Symptoms of an illness may need professional attention. The deeper cause, however, is not healed with medicine alone. It must be healed from within, and this is something that only you can do. .

To get help from the Solar Angel and/or the Angels of Healng, it is essential to unite your conscious and unconscious intention to heal and regenerate yourself. Ask for the Light to sense your true purpose, not merely in general terms of "being a nice person" or "being successful" or "living a good life" or even "becoming more evolved." These may be the seed thoughts, however in this room you can go much deeper into the purpose of this life and find how spiritual light could bring healing and greater wholeness to you and to the people in your environment.

Light reveals who you are in your Essence, a larger picture, a greater purpose. Being aware of your greater life purpose stimulates powerful healing energies.

The Will of the soul determines life and death. The soul withdraws from its temporary physical prison when you are no longer learning or teaching. The soul, not your personal desire, is motivated by the Universal Law of Love. It inevitably makes the intelligent, loving, and wise decision.

To the Room of Love

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