Room of Divine Love -- Ray Two Love and Wisdom

Reflect on the spiraling color of indigo blue merging into pure white light in this image.
Note the interconnected triangles that lead you into the center of this image.

Let each triangle represent a life experience that has connected you with Divine Love. Imagine this living moving fountain of Divine Love as the core of your being. Then imagine an opening into a more expanded Love within this center.

Indigo blue is the underlying color of the universe. Love and Wisdom are the underlying energies of all life on this planet. The object of every individual life is to clearly reflect the incredibly healing, uniting, joyful energies of Love and Wisdom.

Note the Triangles on a swirling path to the center of Love. The golden web of life (the etheric web around our planet and around each individual) is changing from squares to triangles. This enables the vital life force to descend more rapidly to the physical plane.

Imagine each triangle in this circle filled with Divine Love and infusing the cells and tissues of your body and mind. Imagine the splendor of pure Divine Love impacting your mind and heart with its healing energy.

Silently or aloud, say the words "Divine Love" over and over, pausing to let this divne energy permeate your whole being.

Note the effect of this alignment with Divine Love, and again, make notes on a fresh sheet of paper.

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