Imagine this mandala as yourself, with deep layers of thought and feeling, each increasingly infused with solar light.

How to Use the Room of Sound Frequencies

Fill your whole being with frequencies of healing and then distribute this healing energy to humanity. Rather than do this automatically, call upon the light of the soul or your Solar Angel. A wave of love will stream through you as you reach out to your family and friends, and to all life on this planet.

We have more than 200 guided meditations to boost your healing. Gentle music plays softly with carefully calibrated soundwaves beneath the music and voice. These soundwaves require headphones to be most effective. The frequencies are slightly different in each ear to slow your brainwaves and give you the greatest benefit. Soundwave frequencies can enable you to be more receptive to healing in this room.They are an excellent aid in connecting with the Solar Angel and the Angels of Healing. They assist you to build your pattern of wholeness and to spin out emotions that are obstacles to your perfect health.Listening repeatedly to a voice that carries healing frequencies also helps build these frequencies and create a spirit of cheerfulness and optimism.

Cheerfulness and optimism create serenity. They add to the golden sphere of light that brings healing, not only to you, but also to the whole human race. After meditating for your healing, practice visualizing humanity healing its fears and angers, its inner conflicts and inner wars. This is the path to world peace.

Build cells of greater light. give your body and emotions a boost of good energy and accelerate healing. Audio album for purchase and download or CDs.

About fear and anger. All negative emotions are contagious and are floating in the atmosphere. It is wise to realize the importance of building in positive emotions. These tend to clear the atmosphere around you. Fear and anger, even irritation (no matter how justified) eventually will create illness and disease. They cause premature aging, fatigue, a weak immune system, high blood pressure, headaches, indigestion, nervous conditions, and a host of other physical problems. Retrace any negative feeling to its origin and you can identify the fear where it began. This fear blocks the healing regenerating energies. Since energy follows our thoughts, fear energizes what we do not want to happen and that we fear might happen. More than 50% of all disease and illness in the physical body is caused by negative emotions. And these begin with fear, even though that fear may flash by so quickly that you do not recognize it.

Decide to establish a strong soul connection and you can sidestep a wave of bad feeling when it comes. WIth this connection, a wave of fear may come toward you, but it will simply wash over you. The light of the soul is a protective illumination that enables you to see fear coming and refuse to let it take over.

The good news is that every challenging situation, whether on the physical, emotional, or mental plane, is an opportunity to choose wisely and step into greater light. Once you create inner stillness, and absorb the healing energies in each of your seven temple rooms, an inner harmony emerges that can produce miracles of healing.

Healing with Sound

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There are no subliminal messages embedded in any of our tapes, only the slightly different beats for each ear that encourage an expanded and relaxed state of consciousness. The sound waves are calibrated to assist your brain waves to slow from beta to alpha, and from alpha to theta, and touch the delta sound waves that allow deep healing to spontaneously take place.

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