Healing Yourself With Light
How to Connect With the Angelic Healers

Healing Yourself with Light

by LaUna Huffines
Paperback - 306 pages
H J Kramer Publishing (1995)
ISBN: 0-915811-56-1
Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 8.40 x 5.49
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Healing Yourself With Light is a complete system of healing and regeneration that teaches how healing is practiced in the higher dimensions. It shows us how to heal ourselves with the light of the soul and the healing angels so that our physical body can serve our life and our work in the world. It takes a new look at the positive potential of illness and aging, and shows how these conditions can be reversed with the application of techniques of Light. By showing us that illness is sometimes the result of cells not attuned to the new frequencies of Light flowing onto the planet, Huffines eliminates the blame and shame of becoming ill.

In addition, Healing Yourself With Light paves the way for profound spiritual growth by teaching us to increase our vitality and life force and by showing us how to guild strong physical bodies capable of holding the increasing Light. Huffines includes techniques and meditations that raise the vibration of our cells and recycle cells of lesser Light.

Part I -- takes us to the Island of Regeneration where our journey of healing begins. We take a shower of light and meet our Solar Angel who guides us through the seven rooms in the Temple of Healing. Each room offers a different gift such as Sound, Love, and Wisdom and each room highlights a different healing technique. We learn to create a protective circle of Angelic Light as well as to sound the note of our soul.

Part II -- covers the etheric body (a body of Light which is comprised of millions of filaments surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body). The etheric body receives light from the spiritual dimensions and transmits this as energy to the physical body with the assistance of the Solar Angels. Huffines teaches us how to purify and vitalize our etheric body in order to make a strong connection with our soul.

Part III -- introduces us to the directors of our physical systems. Using guided imagery and meditation, Huffines teaches us to communicate with the directors of all the major systems of the physical body, i.e. immune system, endocrine system, nervous system, etc. Through dialogue with the directors, important information can be gained to help heal and regenerate the individual system and strengthen the body as a whole.

Part IV -- teaches how to connect with the consciousness of the DNA, how to raise cellular light, how to develop fearlessness, how to purify the emotional body, how to build new beliefs and how to raise our commitment to healing..

A complete method for bringing the healing light of the soul, the Solar angel, and the angelic healers into the physical body. Taught by LaUna in workshops for many years, these easy-to-learn processes have helped thousands to heal and upgrade their health and vitality.

I warmly invite you to be among the pioneers who are creating an energy body and a physical body of finer frequencies of light by working with the soul and the angelic healers. You too can bring your body into a more vibrant state of energy, accelerate healing, and raise the light in your cells. You can build the skills to use spiritual energy to evolve your systems and cells, create a body that rejuvenates itself and fully supports your life and higher purpose. These skills of healing and regenerating yourself give you the motivation, the energy, and the power to do what is most important for your life.

I have taught these methods in seminars and on tape since 1988 to large groups of people from many countries. The results have been extraordinary. Hundreds have created new health, vibrancy, and delight in their lives. Each one is unique in demonstrating the wide range of healing possibilities in this system.

For eight years I received, recorded, and carefully transcribed this system of healing with light. I had studied ancient methods of spiritual healing as given by the Tibetan Master Dwahl Khjul. My job was to make the ancient healing wisdom accessible and practical rather than theoretical, to test these methods until it was clear they worked.

The practical methods for healing were given to me by my inner teacher, Jaiwa. By no means does this give me any special authority. I only choose to acknowledge my source in the hope that my honesty will encourage you to develop your reception to an inner teacher.

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