To Your Temple of Healing

The Island of Regeneration is a sacred place of healing where the angelic healers will meet you. This island exists on a subtle plane rather than on the physical plane. Its vibration is too rapid to create the density and mass of the material world. Here, the essence of the vegetable kingdom exists in its full glory. Trees and flowers of every color and type sparkle in the sunlight. It is as if the trees and flowers on Earth are but reflections of the splendor of the essence of nature.

"All who are sincere in heart and mind are welcome. Your deep desire to create a strong healthy, vitalized body and mind sends out a signal that enables you to find this healing place. You will be treated as an honored guest who is here by invitation, learning to receive from the Angels of Healing.

The angelic healers are a very highly evolved group of the angelic kingdom (known as the devic kingdom in the East). They are working to heal the human body and vitalize it and make it disease-free. They see you as the soul who is using its physical body as a vehicle for the material world. They see you as a shining beacon of light and compassionately recognize your need for a strong and healthy physical instrument to do your work in the world.

The Angels of Healing work closely together, using light, vibration and sound, cosmic colors, divine love, and images.
The angels refuse no one. Their compassion is unlimited. They call forth the power of your Solar Angel to raise the light of your systems and cells. At first, you may not be aware of their presence, however your soul, your higher mind, even your cells, will know their healing presence and respond immediately to the colors, sound and notes, and the holographic image of perfect health that is built into the core of your being.

Come to the Island of Regeneration from your wholehearted desire to create a body that radiates with vitality, a body that is a good instrument for the soul to express its higher purpose. These changes are given as a gift.

It is your desire and your will to raise your cellular vibration that enables you to succeed on this journey. To receive these gifts in their full measure, make an inner commitment that you will honor the healing and the wisdom that comes to you. Promise yourself to explore new insights that you acquire here and take action on them in the world.

You can begin your journey to the Temple of Healing now. Make an inner commitment that you are ready to learn how to handle a new level of light. As you bring your consciousness to this radiant center of healing, you are also leading the way for many others who will follow and also learn to set up healing contacts with these angelic healers. Your own friends and family will be among those to benefit from the healing that you generate here."
A video by Launa to check your will to be healed and to clear out all unconscious resistance to great vitality and health.

Suggestions in the Temple of Healing are to supplement our guided meditations on CD or Download that aid you to accelerate healing in each room of the temple of healing.

To Your Temple of Healing

Check your Will to be Healed

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