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Healing Yourself With Light is a recommended addition to alternative medicine, spiritual growth, and metaphysical studies reading lists and reference book collections. -- The Midwest Book Review

Healing Yourself With Light will help many people reach the wholeness that true healing is all about. LaUna Huffines is a healer in the highest sense of the word. -- Larry Dossey, M.D., Author of Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine

LaUna Huffines is one of my favorite authors, even though this is only her second book. Her first, Bridge of Light, was recently released in its second edition. LaUna has been teaching the principles in Healing Yourself With Light since 1988 through groups and tapes. She learned this system of healing from an angel she works with named Jaiwa and a group of other healing angels who are dedicated to assisting those of you who want to bring light into the cellular level to heal and regenerate yourselves.This information clearly comes from a very evolved source; you can feel your energy being raised simply by reading the book. The best results, however, will come from working with the information and doing the suggested exercises. If you enjoy working with light and light-beings, you'll love this book. -- The New Times, March 1995

The author is on the cutting edge of angel-ology. She weaves a rich tapestry of timely tools from angelic journaling and automatic writing to meditation and visualization, guiding the reader from room to room in the inner temple of healing. Mixed with a healthy dose of light, love, color, and sound therapy is powerful imagery to connect us with our healing angels and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. The author stresses personal responsibility as the reader develops skills to facilitate an open inner dialogue with the Soul, the Solar Angel, Healing Angels, and the Self. The chart of angelic healing provides easy access to angelic intervention for specific diseases and conditions. Every adventure with my Solar Angel and angelic healers left me feeling relaxed, joyful, and vital - like being in the middle of a spiritual retreat in a sacred world saved from time and space. This is a must read for Angel devotees. -- Branches Reviews, May/June 1995 
Sanaya Roman, Author of Soul Love and Living With Joy

Healing Yourself with Light is a profound book of healing that brings you the mystery school teachings and timeless wisdom on healing with easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. You are not only healing symptoms, should they be physical or emotional; you are taught how to work at the level of your aura, etheric body and chakras, call in the angelic healers, and transform yourself all the way to your cells and DNA. Healing then transforms every level of your being so you can live in harmony with your soul and the divine plan of your life.

For those of you who love the Alice Bailey books, enjoy the Orin books, or feel drawn to working with angels, you will find this book to be a true gem. Having known LaUna for years, I can say that she uses and lives by what she teaches in this book and her vitality and aliveness are inspiring. I have personally used techniques out of her book to keep colds from coming at their first sign, to heal a sprained wrist, and to transform my aura and chakras. I highly recommend this book - Sanaya Roman, channel for Orin

Alsion Williams
I really love your book, Healing Yourself with Light, which I am still reading. (I'm taking it slowly).I picked up a copy just prior to going in for surgery at the end of what has been a difficult year. I am now fully recovered, but more importantly than the physical, I am much more able to understand and deal with people and situations that arise. Everyone comments that I have changed, alhough most cannot put their finger on what it is.
I am the principal of a small school and a single parent of an 8 year old boy. I hope that I can pass on my understanding to others. I found your book inspiring, incredibly well written and so full of wisdom and knowledge that I wondered where your inspiration and knowledge came from. Although I have read many books over the last 10 years in this similar field, I am hungry to learn more and grow accordingly.Thank you for passing on your wisdom to me, and I'm sure to many others.
September 2008 - Gloria Chadwick, http://lightlibrary.blogspot.com/ 

I read Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect With the Angelic Healers by LaUna Huffines many years ago and it is still one of my favorite books. It is beautifully written and spoke deeply to my soul. We are all connected with our angels and capable of healing ourselves whenever we desire. She carefully explains how we can avail ourselves of the healing vibrations through color and sound, and offers guided journeys to help us find our way.

We begin our healing journey by traveling to the Island of Regeneration, which is the home of the healing angels and is where we enter our Temple of Healing--a sacred healing place. Inside our temple, there are seven rooms we may visit that are filled with a different aspect of solar light. Each room resonates with an ever-increasing healing vibration. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"The first room is the Room of Inner Stillness. When you immerse yourself in the stillness of this room, you will find a profound silence within. From this place of silence, you can rise up to meet your Solar angel. In the Room of Light, your Solar angel will take you into the Solar light to meet with your soul. Your Solar angel and soul will form a special relationship with light to bring the angelic healers to you in the other rooms of the temple. In the Room of Love, you will make contact with the angels of divine love and open your heart to be healed through the unlimited power of spiritual love. In the Room of Colors, all the angelic healers will transmit beautiful colors into your energy field to help you heal. In the Room of Sound, you will find your soul's note and practice your own healing sound. In the Room of Wisdom, you will meet your inner healer. Your inner healer is the part of your spiritual self that is closest to the Earth plane and will show you how to take the practical steps in healing yourself that honor the guidance of your soul and the angelic healers. You will learn how to absorb all the healing the angels bring to you. In the Room of Images, angelic healers will help you create and energize the pictures that are most healing and rejuvenating for you; these will be the pictures you will create and energize throughout your healing process. They will help bring healing light, patterns, and colors directly into your physical body."

This is a very beautiful book, filled with love and light.


Fabulous, a must read for everyone

from Calin Pop, M.D. Tampa, Florida, USA

Great book for anyone interested in improving their own health. A book like nothing else out there in the market. Provides powerful, subtle, but extremely efficient techniques to heal yourself. I recommend it to my patients no matter what their problem is . The results are astounding. My recommendation is: BUY IT NOW, IT MAY SAVE A LIFE LATER.

This system works wonders in my life - better yet, miracles!
I was introduced to this book by a close friend a few years ago. I have been working with the healing angels every day ever since, and they are healing most, if not all, areas of my life: my physical & emotional health, working life, human relations... gradually, gently, humorously. And I just love it - I love them!

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