Angelic Colors for Healing
Certain colors draw the angels of healing to you. Just gazing at that color or thinking of it can begin the healing process. Notice which colors on the cover of the Healing Yourself with Light book cover you are drawn to. Using your imagination, bring this color around you, as if you are standing in a shower of this color. Let it shower your head and chest and the trunk of your body, as if it is washing away impurities and bringing spiritual energies of healing.

Before you read further, stop and carefully select the color for today that seems the most magnetic to you. After you choose your best healing color for today, read the notes below.

Glowing Golden
Glowing golden color
Blue and Purple
Blue and Purple

Silvery blue
Silvery blue with blue
Rose and yellow
Rose and yellow
Select the Color
that Stands Out for You Today
White and Gold
White and Gold
Rosy color with green
Rosy color with
touches of green
Orange Fire
Orange Fire
Emerald Green
Emerald Green


You naturally chose the color that is most nourishing and healing to your body and emotions right now. You have responded to the angelic healers who are the most healing to your body right now and touched your body with their healing ray of energy. As this color flowed into your body, it started adding light to your body. Showering your body with this color drew you toward the higher dimensions where permanent healing happens. It brought in the energy of the angelic healers of whatever color you chose, and your body has already started raising its light.

Two Ways To Apply Color

1. On the subtler planes by the power of thought.

2. With colored lights applied to the physical body.

How Colors Can Affect and Heal Certain Diseases

Certain colors will definitely affect certain diseases, cure certain nervous troubles, eradicate certain nervous tendencies, build new tissues, and burn out (cellular) corruption. You can also experiment in vitalizing and magnetizing the body with color. This involves direct action on the subtle etheric body that interlaces the physical body. We are told that this knowledge is found hidden in the law of vibration and color. That certain colors have a definite effect is sure. Check each color to learn the possible effects of this pioneering work with color. (These statements are adapted from the well-known Tibetan Teacher, Djwhal Khul, in the book by A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing.)

"The effect of color on people, animals and units in the vegetable kingdom will be studied and the result of those studies will be the development of etheric vision or the power to see the next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. Increasingly will people think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the coming developments in this department of human thought will be triple." (Cosmic Fire., p. 334.)

For those who are interested in the energy centers, C. W. Leadbeater in "Inner Life," Vol. 1, pages 447-460, describes the colors and petals of each energy center as follows:

1. The base of the spine, four petals. These petals are in the shape of a cross, and radiate with orange fire.
2. The solar plexus, ten petals, rosy color with admixture of green.
3. The heart center, twelve petals, glowing golden.
4. The throat center, sixteen petals of a silvery blue, with blue predominating.
5. The head center in its twofold divisions:
a. Between the eyebrows, consisting of ninety-six petals, one-half of the lotus being rose and yellow, and the other half blue and purple.
b. The very top of the head. A center consisting of twelve major petals of white and gold, and nine hundred and sixty secondary petals arranged around the central twelve.

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