Vibrations, Sound, and Resonance in Healing

Modern physics has verified that we are all vibrating atomic and sub-atomic particles. Everything has a resonant frequency, the frequency at which it most naturally vibrates. Your soul, your mind, your emotions and your body each has its own resonant frequency.

If someone had perfect health, every organ, bone, tissue, and other part is producing balanced frequencies that create a healthy harmonic throughout the mind, emotions, and body. On the subjective plane, this would be like an orchestra playing a good symphony.

Itzhak Bentov examined and demonstrated this ancient concept of disease in his book Stalking The Wild Pendulum: Illness is an out of tune behavior of the body.
When a gland is distressed, its frequency loses the beat that goes with the other glands. If the frequencies cannot circulate freely to and though that organ or system of the body, it begins to play the wrong notes. Its timing is off and friction will escalate into some disease.Illness is an out of tune behavior of the body. It loses life energy; it is isolated and not a well functioning and contributing part of the whole. It experiences a lack of ease -- or disease. Through sound, you can apply harmonizing vibrations that will stimulate this organ to reconnect, raise its frequencies and rise in tune with the body again.

When you are on a spiritual path and have begun to build a bridge of light to the soul, the higher frequencies of the soul filter into each system through your etheric body. The etheric body surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. It is the blueprint for your physical body, including your brain and nervous system, your respiratory, immune, digestive, muscular, and other major systems. Over time every system, every cell, every atom and molecule begins to vibrate to a purer frequency of light.

This process results from consistently bringing the soul into your mind and letting it permeate your thoughts and emotions. You can steadily infuse yourself with this energy that drives out the off-key thoughts that produce disease. You can transmit the higher resonant frequency into the imbalanced organ until it finds its place in the whole symphony. Your whole body will begin to resonate to a more beautiful song that I call the song of the soul.

Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British scientist who created the Cymatic Instrument, which projects sounds into the body for healing, describes resonant frequency healing this way:

"A healthy organ will have its molecules working together in a harmonious relationship with each other and will all be of the same pattern. If different sound patterns enter into the organ, the harmonious relationship could be upset...they may establish their disharmonious pattern in the organ, bone tissue, etc., and this is what we call disease. If therefore, a treatment contains a harmonic frequency pattern that will reinforce the organs, the vibrations of the intruders will be neutralized and the correct pattern for that organ reestablished. This should constitute a curative reaction."

Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers explains this process of raising the vibration of your cells through using spiritual forces in more detail and offers exercises to accelerate this normally slow process.


Understanding the concept of "intention" in healing is equally important. Your intention is set by your thoughts and your feelings. Each sound, from the sacred word OM and the great world mantras to regular speech, transmits the intention of the one creating the sound to the one receiving the sound. Intention sets up the type of energy transmitted within the sound. Our intention depends on our thought when we make the sound. The resonance of that thought will be the energy sent. This is why worry, anxiety, a sense of helplessness, even the deep desire for someone to be healed (including yourself) is temporary help at best; it lacks the higher healing frequencies that the soul brings in. When you step aside from these emotions and create a thought that carries spiritual forces, the resonating frequencies you send will be at the peak of healing power. This is true whether you are sending the energy to heal your respiratory system or your dear friend's immune system.

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