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LaUna Huffines is the author of three books, Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers (H.J. Kramer. Pub) Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation, first edition pub. Simon and Schuster, second edition H.J.Kramer, Pub. Her first book, Connecting with All the People in Your Life (available at Amazon.com) is published by Harper/Collins.

She holds a masters degree in Psychology and Counseling and a PH.D. (ABD) in Psychology, Philosophy and Religion before beginning to write. She has taught classes at Southern Methodist University and North Texas State University, presented workshops and seminars for 20 years in transpersonal psychology groups, also at Edgar Caycee conferences and U.S. forestry conferences. During a seven-year cycle LaUna taught expanded awareness and communication seminars with Dr. John Enright in the U.S., Japan and Australia.

Later she taught spiritual methods of healing with light for ten years before sharing these methods in a book to create a physical body of greater health and vitality with the light of the soul, Solar Angel, and the Angels of healing. Writing this book and creating audio meditations  for these methods took eight years. Healing Yourself with Light is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Checkoslovakian, and Swedish, among other languages.

Jean St.Martin is the manager of Path of Light Publications and assists in all seminars. Jean, a natural healer, leads groups and individuals in the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and offers life coaching in self-awareness and integrating body and mind with spirit.

Path of Light Publications, Inc. works with those who are creating a Bridge of Light to higher dimensions of light, creating a Path of Light for conscious evolution, those who are working for world peace and evolution in Triangles of Light. Co-workers are long-time meditators and new meditators, each living and serving in his/her own field. Business people, physicians and other healers, poets, authors, and musicians, university professors, physical therapists, artists, attorneys, parents, and teachers from 45 countries are using these methods. Some are teaching others these methods and others have formed local groups to share the knowledge they have gained from meditation, intuition, study, and service. Both mind power and heart wisdom are engaged and expanded in these groups.

Healing With Light.org The ideas on this site are based on the Ageless Wisdom, especially as presented by the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul in 21 A.A.Bailey books, and from four decades of study and meditation. The books and tapes we offer are an effort to bring universal spiritual truths into contempoary form. If you would like to heal or regenerate your body, your emotions, find greater companionship with your soul, bring Love into action through a service activity, or you want to sharpen your intuition, you may find this website and our books, tapes and seminars, enriching and inspiring. Those of you who feel the urge to make your life count for something larger than your personal self, who want to see peace and harmony take place in the world, may find this system of healing and these techniques especially useful.

Path of Light.com encourages study and meditation for spiritual evolution personally and as a spiritual group to benefit all humanity. Those associated with one of these aspects of Path of Light are bringing illumination into their mind, emotions, and body through meditation and service. Many groups in Path of Light invoke and distribute divine light and love daily.

Triangles of Light.orgis a worldwide service activity that is expanding rapidly. Our Triangles of Light site (one of many Triangles sites) has over 400 triangles from 44 countries. Anyone is welcome to join who believes in the power of thought and agrees to distribute the energy of the Great Invocation regularly for humanity.

Our Purpose is to assist others to embrace and embody the common thread of divine love and wisdom that links all souls. We link in meditation with groups worldwide who are adding light to the world through their positive visions and service. We believe that all work, all relationships in any area is spiritual work when it expands one's awareness. To us, all acts of positive intention are sacred acts.

Whatever your work-- to write, teach, to share responsibility in a business, to build a happy family, or teach someone to read -- we invite you to check the affirmations each day, journey through the Temple of Healing, and try out the healing tapes. Our planet is in the midst of momentous changes and through our invocations, these changes can bring peacefulness to the hearts of humanity, cooperation between people, and divine creativity. If you sense a response to our work, we welcome your emails. We read every message and respond as time permits.

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