By answering these questions as you read, with a YES or NO, you can get a clear sense of how you can more rapidly create the body and mind you want. The test reveals those hidden obstacles preventing perfect health on all levels.

  1. Every day I spend a few minutes creating Inner Stillness, relaxing my body and mind and opening the space for new insights to find a landing place.

  2. Understanding the power of my thoughts to create what I want, I am using my active imagination to visualize a picture of my perfect health. I make this picture of myself so vivid and real that it causes me to smile.
  3. I realize that loyalty to my parents need not include having the same health problems that either of them had. Genetics merely indicate one possibility out of many. My parents would be delighted for me to bypass activating any genetic problem and enjoy a long, healthy, and productive life.
  4. There are nearly always a few perks in being sick. I am examining those "advantages" that pertain to me, knowing that each one blocks my healing efforts. (These advantages include attention or sympathy from others, unemployment or other insurance money, a well-deserved rest from overwork, boredom, or from any other unpleasant job or responsibility.)

  5. I read current research on foods that heal, and I eat these foods. I drink pure water and eat organic foods whenever possible. I am eating green and yellow vegetables, fruit, and some kind of protein every day. I am also cutting way back on sugar, alcohol, and smoking with the goal of eliminating every obstacle to a great body.

  6. I read current research on supplements and take advantage of the appropriate supplements and/or vitamins to accelerate healing myself and maintaining a healthy body.
  7. I see to it that I get enough sleep and have given up the self-sabotaging  idea of "getting by" with too little sleep.

  8. Recognizing that the quality of Gratitude is a powerful healing ointment, I select one thing (within my consciousness or in my environment) each day for which I am deeply grateful.
  9. Realizing the importance of positive planning for something I would love to do to transform my body with good health, I am planning something quite specific that I would love to do, perhaps a special journey or to study art, music, a path of light, or traveling where I have never been and want to see. I will keep this promise to my life as soon as my body is strong and healthy again. 
  10. I am willing to experiment with living in the illumination of the soul. (Example would be: I am practicing aligning all three aspects of my personality (body, emotions, and mind) each with its own light, and merging these into one light. I am linking this light with the light of my soul, a Master in its own right.

Give each YES response 10 points. For six “YES” responses, your will to heal is 60, a slightly positive balance for healing. If you have 7 to 10 YES responses, your will to heal yourself is strong with a minimum of self-made obstacles. Regardless of where you scored, challenge yourself to create a score of nine YES responses. As strange as it may seem, the body can respond more rapidly in healing after you remove the barriers. Expect also frequent experiences of joy and of happiness.

The foundation combination for all healing is eating fresh vegetables and protein, 30 minutes of exercise, real sunlight on bare skin, and plenty of sleep. The next level of good health is using your creative imagination to visualize yourself amazingly healthy and energetic -- make the picture vivid and add color. The next level involves the soul and your response to it. The soul requires us to learn constantly, to be aware of points of revelation as we reflect on the inner plane and use these revelations in the world; it requires us to share what we know that will aid others. When we are no longer learning or teaching, our soul starts withdrawing to plan its next great adventure on the stage of our planet.

Honoring these spiritual essentials for advancing into greater light, vitality is given to us. If we neglect the life of the soul, our mind gets dull; we begin to repeat the same thoughts over and over. We live as a personality on the superficial side of life. or we lose enthusiasm for our work in the world. You may be aware of a time when you came to a fork in the road and had to choose a new direction. Many times a health crisis comes with a spiritual crisis, a mental crisis and an emotional crisis. There is a right choice to make and by asking for spiritual help, we always can recognize that choice and emerge victorious over all these areas. Each of us makes many decisions that expand our usefulness in the world (or not). Every wise action we take brings new vitality, new vision, and opportunities.

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