Samantha from Holland

I have some tips for other Healing Yourself with Light students:

1. If I want to visualize the colours the angels use, I use the back of a CD and hold it in the (sun)light to reflect all the colors.
2. When I take a shower, I imagine that I'm under the waterfall of light or in the courtyard and taking a shower of colours.
3. All day I try to act (just like an actress) that I am already my healing hologram!
4. Whenever I am saying the words of healing, ah-el-ee-oh, I am sending those words to someone who I think can use some help. For example my aunt has just had a heart attack. Besides sending her a beautiful rose light , I suddenly also felt that it might be a good Idea to send her these healing sounds.
Have a wonderfull day and I will keep you informed about my improvements! 

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Rebecca from Texas

There is no qustion that certain emotions get in the way of my life and vitality at times. I have found something that works to remind me how to instantly shift into the feelings that support my goals and give me energy. It is the fourth meditation in L. Huffines' course on Merging With Solar Light and Transforming Your Emotions. It works every time! As soon as I go through these steps in these guided journeys, I am charged and ready to go again.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


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